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One-off piece.


This ring is obtained from the solid part of the node of a branch, picked up after a fire.
Observing the force with which nature can regenerate itself even in a "moon-like" environment, like the one that is left after the passage of a fire, has inspired us to create this jewel.
We intentionally chose a piece of wood bearing the signs left by the flames.
After obtaining the ring structure, the wood was further treated by the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, which chars wood in order to preserve it.
Afterwards, we created the sprouts to be "grafted" onto the branch.
We deliberately chose to use a plastic material to obtain them: MagmaLab mainly focuses on making jewels by recycling plastic materials.
In this case, by using PLA, that is to say, a "bioplastic" obtained from plant waste, we expanded the concept of re-birth, wondering about which and how many are the potential life cycles of a given material: a leaf transformed into plastic, which is re-born as a leaf-ornament.

Burnt wood, polylactide (PLA).9cm x 6cm x 9cm approx., 27 g 

Burning trees, carbonized wood and ash.Despite appearances, lymph keeps flowing in depth.And, sooner or later, time gives life the possibility to come back.

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