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For our ETSY-SHOP  we have chosen to propose a selection of models different from the one you find and you will find in shops and galleries.

The reasons are 2:
First of all we want to consider this space - necessarily virtual - as close as possible to a real experience.
In fact, when asked “what would we propose to a person who should enter the laboratory here? ", We responded by selecting a small series (in the making) of necklaces and earrings, which we consider" iconic "of our production, to which we are particularly attached and which we would advise you with your eyes closed, to your request to take home a piece of our history.


We also don't want to overlap with the work of our resellers who we see as important ambassadors of what we create.

Finally, one last note: shipments to Italy are free , and we will keep this choice even at the end of this very difficult period, because this is our philosophy: to us the commitment to let you know our work, to you, if you will want the pleasure of wearing it.

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