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Our specialization in making polyethylene jewellery started in 2014 with the project Aquamadre.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a transparent thermoplastic material which peculiarity intensified its using in the daily routine, creating huge impact on the environment during producing and disposaling phase.

Thanks its structural features, nevertheless, PET is the most suitable material for thermal treatments using non-industrial methods and therefore to be recycled and reinvented.

Aquamadre is born to realize the green vision of MagmaLaB, the challenge-idea behind.

IDEA: using available material, widespread and abundantly present in our life that at the end of its lifetime can be extracted, transformed, reshaped and requalified.

CHALLENGE: transforming the core of a “common” material, removing its primary essence, reinterpreting and establishing a new use, rebirthing and giving value.

Innovative material processing that plays with transparency and colours, lightness and strength gives to these jewels techniques and aesthetic peculiarity making them unique: glass look-alike, these jewels are shatterproof and so light that you nearly don’t realize you wear them.


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