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No Ordinary Jewels


When you wear MagmaLaB jewels you tell a modern world,
made of
alternative materials, which speak of research,
and attention to the planet. 

And you know you have chosen contemporary Italian craftsmanship.
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MagmaLaB lavorazione artigianale del polietilene

We transform and work, entirely by hand, recycled plastic materials, to create accessories that are the result of research, experimentation and unique processes.

= MagmaLaB, the key lies in a vision not yet reached: 
if in the past what was made with rare materials was precious, here the green accessory becomes too
Milan Tomorrow

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"The creative adult is the child

who survived


Ursula K. Le Guin

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Here we are, Gaia Guarnieri and Caterina Martinelli, two heads and four hands.  

Since 2012, in the 'shop'  we have experimented with different forms of art that today we pour, all of them, into our idea of contemporary jewelery.  We create with a strange material, for someone 'different'. But we study it, we work it, we transform it, we evolve it. And we simply create projections of our souls that become jewels, which tell us that, in the end, there is nothing, indeed, everything. 
And that's his beauty. And it's so natural.


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